Nope, not gonna post the rules. Won’t tag anybody. I’m just here to answer these questions. Wawawaa

thanks for tagging me Sandyyyy

1. David Beckham v/s Henry Cavill  

Beckham all the way.

2. Have you ever smoked weed?

No I have not.

3. Favorite music?

A little bit of everything. Alternative rock, indie, folk, soundtracks. I’m all about the feels.

4. Children: cute and adorable or messy and loud?

Cuteeeee. Though ever since turning 20, I find them slightly annoying. 

5. Worst Nightmare?

Losing my family.

6. Biggest adventure yet?

Pulau Sapi.

7. How do you picture your Prince(or Princess) Charming?

Haha! I remember I made a list of what defines the perfect man for me. I was 16 years old then. I was a pretty long list.. because I did not think when doing it, I just do. 

So I picture him tall, European, and diligent. He could be a footballer or in a band.. or in the army XD

8. Who would you go gay for?

Emily Blunt / Shailene Woodley 

9. Stupidest thing you have ever done?

nah, I don’t want to mention it here.

10. What is an instant turn on?

Ice-cream. Or any coffee shops. 

11. Got any kinks? ;)